Achieving balance at Retro Rabbit

Who is Retro Rabbit?

With the great effects of the pandemic, more people are working from home and this causes a rift between employees and their organizations and how they go about executing their daily tasks. Retro Rabbit is a quirky character. They are a fun but professional assortment of humans, always striving to be better. They believe that as a smart brand they should constantly evaluate how they present themselves to the world. Retro Rabbit believes that it's time for a change, and with change, comes constant improvement for the company and the staff.
Retro Rabbit is one of the companies that truly felt this rift, and felt the need to create a better environment for skills implementation to fulfill their mission in dictating the next solution for companies in the public and private sector.

In the last year, stakeholders in the company have observed that a lot of work resources are going to waste due to employees not being allocated to the right projects in the company and cracks in the planning process for these projects. It became more apparent that time was the main overarching problem that the company was facing. This resulted in the company not being able to plan because they did not have access to tangible data that will let them know their performance.

“For the modern workforce, an engaging work environment is a fundamental expectation, a baseline requirement. Having a culture that attracts high talent can lead to 33% higher revenue.

Life at Retro Rabbit

Work challenges

With the great effects of the pandemic, more people are working from home and this causes a rift between employees and their organisations and how they go about executing their daily tasks.


Lack of resource management


Lack of resource management


Exclusive and lack of diversity in teams

According to smart (2021), it recommends that companies focus on encouraging personal agency and using tools to monitor and maintain emotional engagement using SenseFlow. An enthusiastic team will show up to work and do more work; it increases a 17% productivity


Unable to Plan ahead for the future of the company


Lack of transparency with the overall performance of a team

With more people working from home

... organizations are not only losing touch with what their people are doing, but also with how their people are doing!

Success Story

Retro Rabbit

SenseFlow has been just as effective in small and larger teams at Retro Rabbit. It has really helped them to overcome financial strain, unproductively, and better team management because they want to stay the leading African company in the tech industry.

Billing accuracy was improved through the use of the activity journal and financial analysis. Human resource interventions was achieved by better understanding when resources would become available and breaking the disconnect between account management and finance.


Billable Resource Utilization

Retro Rabbit reduced its developer and designer resource bench by 8% of the total available resources within 7 months.


Human Resource Interventions

By closely studying team member's performance scores, SenseFlow lead to 5 performance interventions with team members.


Additional Revenue Improvement

Retro Rabbit was able to increase its revenue by 1% for the 2020 financial year.