How SenseFlow works

A new planning and tracking tool that seeks to enhance your work and productivity to lead to a more rewarding work-life.

We make it easier for you to capture time, assign teams and measure data usage. It communicates the productivity of an individual as well as your team’s. Creating and managing teams on SenseFlow is a quick and flexible process. It gives you the power to decide your team’s needs, objectives, and who the members are.

Become part of a team

The knowledge economy has taught us how successful organisations with team structures can be. Creating stronger teams for collaboration and coordination allows us to get important things done.

Plan and conquer audacious goals

The clarity provided by aligning organisation wide capacity and competency allows us to better achieve milestones related to operations, personal development and customer success.

Build teams that matter

Teams don’t just make us better workers, they make us better people. By improving diversity and learning opportunities we can mirror organisational values, whilst delivering better performance.

See the flow of work

Team productivity is the result of many small interactions between team members, which is traditionally hard to represent. Making these synergies transparent, using signal processing, allows all stakeholders a deeper understanding of the work involved and how it is progressing

By employing advanced algorithms, we help you know your team better.

The core tenent of our technology is enshrined in 5 strategic goals. We believe that by achieving these goals for our users will empower all teams in the future.