Your Time

Your Time is the landing page on SenseFlow after signing in. This is considered to be the main feature of SenseFlow where users capture their tasks for a certain period of time, which shows the user their contribution to a project that they have been allocated to on an individual level.

Users get to Capture tasks to which they are allocated too, of which this task should be within their allocated hours.

1. Date Selector

Shows current week, you can also select to view previous weeks or months to which you already have captured your time to or not, if one wants to trace what they where doing on previous weeks.

2. Capture Task Button

Opens task capture modal to create task or even click on the empty timeline if you do not want to click the button which will give you the same function then fill in certain information to give detail about what task you had done.

This is the button that makes the whole function visible.

3. Weekly View

You can toggle between the days of the selected week to view task completed and capture.

You will land on the week your on to be able to see each day and task captured or to capture on each day.

4. Current Day

The current day is highlighted in white to make it easier and visible enough where else the days past or those to come are darker.

It shows the day, date and hours allocated to which you can then capture tasks or see tasks per day.

5. Daily Stats

Shows total hours allocated, captured and productive per day.

On each day there is a date, and hours allocated, when you capture your task there’s a bar that shows how much of your hours you captured and how productive you have been. When you are allocated to a project the allocated bar will be automatically filled.

Therefore, after capturing your time the bar will be empty until the following before it shows the captured bar being filled.