Projects on SenseFlow

SenseFlow helps you keep track of all your projects, at any time from anywhere

Examine past and current trends with real-time reporting.

SenseFlow aims to make sense of your project analytics and insights, helping you improve your project's performance. Project owners can create versatile projects, assign relevant team members and measure project and member performance throughout the project's phases.

Project Member Summary

SenseFlow equips you with the right tools to keep members visible and supported.

Project Member Detail

Member insights keep the employee experience in focus. Helping you keep track of work hours, overtime, capacity, and performance in real-time. 

Project Planning Report

Planning made simpler. We help stakeholders, sponsors, teams, and the project manager through the many phases of the project.

Project Productivity Report

Identify performance patterns in people, processes, and technology that drive success so you can better manage your teams and increase productivity.

Project Finance Report

Stay on top of your projects’ financial health We help you achieve this by providing you with real-time reports, enhancing your project's financial performance and future forecasting.

Project Export

Analyze and report with easy project exports to ensure project success and growth.