Top features of SenseFlow!

Keep track of your teams and projects

Project Schedule

A shared sense of purpose strengthens a team’s performance. It’s critical to communicate a clear plan of what we are doing and when we should do it.

A purpose-built project allocation system supports the very heart of planning. Not only can you see what projects you are working on right now, but you can see tentative future projects by integrating a sales pipeline.

Activity Journal

Going beyond capturing time the activity journal allows team members to self-report what they have been doing when they have been doing it, what skills they employed doing so, and even how satisfied they were doing so.

The journal is SenseFlow’s primary “sense” as we believe in real-time self-reporting. Sometimes the easiest way to know how people feel is to ask them!

SenseFlow Scores

Performance Score

Using machine learning SenseFlow calculates a performance score for each individual system user. This score is a function of both quantitative and qualitative data processing. Using self-reported work output from the journal and user focus from the tracker we determine an individual's performance.

This score is calculated in real-time and allows you to monitor an individual team member’s performance over time.

Satisfaction Score

Working from home means we no longer check-in with each other using social frameworks - we no longer know how our team members are doing.

Using machine learning SenseFlow calculates a satisfaction score for each system user. The algorithm captures journal entries, and users' work time to focus on attributing a value of how satisfied someone is with their work.

Proficiency Score

An accurate and up to date skills matrix allows healthier team utilization, planning and project pipelines. Get the right person for every job.

Practising skills leads to more proficiency. Proficiency is also stronger when this skill was practised recently or practised by a more senior role. When a user reports the skills they used in the journal, we automatically update their proficiency for that skill.

Focus Score

We now work in a world of distractions that need to be managed. We have so many things vying for our attention, that getting into the flow of work
becomes hard.

The focus tracker is an on-device monitor that analyses user behaviour through mouse, keyboard and data interactions. This can show if team members focus is distracted by unproductive applications.

Live Reports

Planning Analysis

A new planning and tracking tool that seeks to enhance your work and productivity to lead to a more rewarding work-life. We make it easier for you to capture time, assign teams and measure data usage.

It communicates the productivity of an individual as well as your team’s. Creating and managing teams on SenseFlow is a quick and flexible process. It gives you the power to decide your team’s needs, objectives, and composition.

Productivity Analysis

Know how your teams are doing.

Our reports serve as a high-impact indication of project and team productivity and performance, ensuring that the workforce remains operational and functioning smoothly. It allows employers to gain a better knowledge of their employees, particularly those who work from home.

Financial Analysis

Solid financial principles ensure that your projects get on track and stay on track. SenseFlow integrates with your financial system to ensure a closed-loop between billing and accounts. A normalized cost system also allows you to have gross margin estimates in the system so everyone can see if their project is financially healthy.

See at a project, team, and individual level how much resources cost and how much we expect to bill for them.