Privacy Policy

SenseFlow is a company registered in South Africa. SenseFlow owns and controls all the services it offers to users. Questions regarding these services, or the terms thereof, should send an email to By using the SenseFlow website and any of its products or services, you are agreeing to be bound by the following privacy policy.

  1. This privacy policy covers how SenseFlow will collect and use information gained from its users. SenseFlow controls the data collection and processing of their users’ personal data. Users should contact SenseFlow via email at if they have any questions or require any more information regarding the processing of personal information.
  2. Any user that downloads or uses the SenseFlow system is deemed to have agreed to the terms within this privacy policy.
  3. No items mentioned in this privacy policy are intended to infringe on the user’s rights.
Legal Basis For the Processing Of Personal Data
  1. SenseFlow only collects and processes personal data necessary for the system to provide the user with statistics regarding their productivity, satisfaction, and task management. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information.
  2. SenseFlow does not process any classified or sensitive information, such as (but not limited to): race, political stance, religious views, genetic information, data relating to the health of the user, sexual orientation, etc.
  3. SenseFlow may only process such information with the user’s consent if the information is deemed relevant.
  4. SenseFlow makes use of machine learning and as such may aggregate data for statistical use in order to improve its service.
How Personal Data Is Collected By SenseFlow

SenseFlow may collect information (including personal data) about Users in the following ways:

  1. The acceptance of the SenseFlow agreements (Data such as the user’s contact information may be collected);
  2. When the user makes use of any forms through the service, if they create an account, subscribe or unsubscribe, modifies any personal information on their account (all this data is provided by the user);
  3. When a user uses the service in any manner (downloading, installing, updating, accessing, etc.)(data provided by the user); and
  4. Data which is knowingly made available to SenseFlow, provided by the user.
The Purpose Of Processing Personal Data

SenseFlow will process personal information for the purposes of:

  1. Providing its services,
  2. Improvements and modifications of the system and notifying users of these changes,
  3. Customisation or personalisation of content for the particular user,
  4. Being able to respond to queries the user may have regarding the system through different contact methods,
  5. The functioning of the service for the user,
  6. The enforcement of SenseFlow’s rights according to the Terms and Conditions.
The Storage Period For Personal Data

Personal data will be retained for as long as necessary in order for SenseFlow to fulfil their obligations towards the user, as mentioned in the Terms and Conditions. A user’s personal data will be deleted as soon as possible after the termination of their account, unless storage is needed to oblige by the law.

Where Personal Data Is Processed

The data controller is SenseFlow, a service based in South Africa.

User’s Rights
  1. Access of rights: The user will be granted access to all their personal data stored on SenseFlow, unless disclosure of such information is prohibited by law.
  2. The right to termination and erasure of their personal data.
  3. The right to rectification of incorrect data. This data can be altered through the user’s personal profile on the service and within their account settings page.
  4. The right to disclosure.
  5. The right to view their personal data in a structured and readable manner.
  6. The right to lodge a complaint with a superior authoritative individual of SenseFlow.
  7. The right to lodge a complaint when the user feels that an infringement of their rights has taken place.
  1. If a user subscribes to SenseFlow’s mailing system, the user’s personal data may be used to send them information regarding products, services, promotions, and events that may be of relevance to the user. Any subscription made through SenseFlow may be terminated at any time at the will of the user. 
  2. Important communications may be sent to registered users in relation to the service SenseFlow offers, e.g. service announcements, updates, etc., without offering the users the opportunity to opt out of receiving them.
  3. All and any requests, enquiries, complaints, and anything else the user wishes to bring to SenseFlow’s attention with reference to this privacy policy or data processing should be sent via email to
Legal Implications

Any dispute between the user and SenseFlow, whether it be a dispute in connection with this privacy policy or the manner in which SenseFlow processes their data, shall be subject to the legal implications mentioned in SenseFlow’s Terms and Conditions.

Amendment Of The Privacy Policy

SenseFlow may improve or change this privacy policy at any time by replacing the new one with this document. If any major changes are made the registered users will be notified of the change via email, according to the email and personal data provided to SenseFlow, and a prominent notice will also be posted on the service.

SenseFlow will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements, if Google Accounts is used for users.
Limited use requirements for SenseFlow employees
  1. Allowed use: Developers and designers are only allowed to use restricted data relating to SenseFlow features to improve these features. Users should know and understand how and why this data is being used that they have shared with you.
  2. Allowed transfer: The only time that data transfers and data sharing is prohibited is when it is necessary for the improvement of SenseFlow features, to comply with the law, or if SenseFlow merges with another entity. All other sales or transfers of user data is prohibited.
  3. Prohibited advertising: Employees are prohibited to share data for user advertisements. This includes, but is not limited to, personalised or interest-based advertising.
  4. Prohibited human interaction: SenseFlow employees are prohibited to allow other individuals to read restricted user data. If one employee has access to a user’s data (such as emails) they are not allowed to have another employee or individual read it. The four exceptions to this rule: (a) if a developer obtains user content to read specific messages, e.g. if the user requires tech support, (b) if it is necessary for security purposes, e.g. if there is an investigation of reported abuse, (c) to comply with relevant laws, and (d) if the data is averaged and anonymised for internal operation, e.g. reporting average statistics on an internal dashboard.