Plan and track for
 better work

Minimize poor performance by making sure the right person is allocated to the right job, all the time. Planning and time management is critical, and we are here to help you. SenseFlow a quick and flexible process, giving you the power to decide what your teams and projects will look like.

Why plan and track?

Our world has become so unpredictable and the nature of work is changing. Our environments are ever-changing. People react differently to change, and as such, maybe less productive at home as there are more distractions. Planning has also become considerably more challenging as you are not able to track what employees are doing remotely.

Planning is a crucial task for any business. If done right, you can save a lot of resources and time. According to


Planning can help companies grow faster


Fast-growing companies have plans

Therefore, if you want your business to retain more profit and grow more, then you should get a plan.

Tracking is crucial if you want accurate data to use for planning purposes. By tracking your employees and monitoring their productivity and satisfaction with tasks, you can better estimate the time it takes to complete tasks and projects. This can then help you manage your resources and time better as you have a better grasp of what your employees can do.

SenseFlow’s activity planning feature can help you choose the right employees for the right tasks. It can help guide your employee’s focus and help maintain a high work standard too. It also makes use of machine learning to acknowledge and record new behaviours.

For your company

Increased productivity and performance

Fight your productivity and performance decreases through SenseFlow. Working remotely is not for everyone, which is why you need to make sure that all your employees are happy and productive anywhere they might be doing work.

Better allocation of resources

SenseFlow’s planning and tracking tools can help you better allocate resources within your company. SenseFlow allows you to set up teams and projects, and assign employees to these as you see fit.

Easier planning

SenseFlow has made it easy for you to plan and your employees' time. You can easily see which employees are available and assign them to teams and projects. You can plan project timelines and project budgets and see when they are on track or when they are problematic.

Tracking employee satisfaction

SenseFlow has a special function where employees/users can add their satisfaction to tasks when entering it in their activity journals. SenseFlow then takes this information and puts it on display for you to figure out what tasks your employees are satisfied with and which they are not. This can help you see trends of satisfaction and solve problems before they arise.

For yourself

Track your productivity and performance

Get a better understanding of the way you work. SenseFlow aims to present you with statistics, taken from your activity journal entries, to show you when you are most productive and when your performance is highest. This can then help you manage and plan your day better to be as productive as possible whilst also achieving optimal performance.

Project and team views

SenseFlow allows you to see all the projects and teams that you have been assigned. You are also able to view the individuals in your team, what their allocations are and the time captured.

‘Your Time’ journal

You are able to fill in what tasks you have been occupied with during the day in your SenseFlow journal. This is a means for you and your employer to see what tasks you have been doing, how productive you were, and how satisfied you were with them too. This will help you and your employer understand you better and help assign you to projects that are suited for you.

Become better

SenseFlow can help you, as an individual, manage your time better. SenseFlow helps make you more aware of the time you put into tasks and how long it takes to do particular tasks. Through this you can estimate the time is takes to complete certain tasks and your employer can give clients a more accurate time frame in which a project can be completed.