See the flow of work

Keeping track of your workflow hasn't been easier.

There are many opportunities for growth within the company, but how do you track your employee's performance and satisfaction rate? SenseFlow helps you manage teams of any size and ensures your employees are reaching their full potential.

As they begin their work, employees will have increased awareness about what they are doing, finding it easy to concentrate and shut out distractions. Through the balance of challenging yet attainable goals, you can pick up on who's struggling through their Satisfaction Score and how you can support them accordingly. This flow state empowers employees to put forth their best effort and help those that need an extra hand. This propels them to produce better results and be more efficient—building stronger teams in the process.

How Senseflow helps you see your flow of work

Activity Journal

Going beyond capturing time the activity journal allows team members to self-report what they have been doing when they have been doing it, what skills they employed doing so, and even how satisfied they were doing so. The productivity report collects data from your employee's Activity Journal.

Team productivity

Our Productivity report serves as a high-impact indication of project and team productivity and performance, ensuring that the workforce remains operational and functioning smoothly. It allows employers to gain a better knowledge of their employees, particularly those who work from home. The productivity report shows your employee's overall satisfaction and productivity score.

Productivity Report

The team grid shows all members that belong to a specific team. Members are distributed according to their satisfaction and performance score. Using a grid gives you a brief overview of your team's health.

Member Productivity

On the Productivity report, you will not only see your overall team's health but it can be viewed on an individual level.

The member accordion provides a quick overview of the individual within the project. It shows you the member's name, surname, email address, and the badges they have earned. On their tab, you can also see the Allocated time and what has been captured (hours). You will be able to see the member’s focus score, satisfaction score, and productivity score for the selected period.