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SenseFlow helps you keep track of your projects and teams, no matter where you are.

User-friendly dashboards, automatic notifications, and live reporting help you know your teams and projects’ financial and productivity health.

Why is real-time real reporting important?

As we know teams are important to a workplace in order to get the work done, therefore, teams should matter to an organisation as it is important for individuals to partake in bringing up a certain goal. A healthy team knows when to ask and help one another to get the job done.

Data analytics are extraordinarily essential for hazard managers. They enhance decision-making, growth accountability, gain economic health, and assist personnel in expected losses, and display performance. However, there are challenges in achieving this for example:

Massive manual work - Timesheets take forever to capture and having had to go back 2-3 back in the archives to look for certain documents is pretty intense and time-consuming.

Lack of transparency and trust - Amongst co-workers within a team there can be a lack of trust and reliability, consuming everyone to not take responsibility. When everyone doesn't feel like a leader.

Permission seeking - It can get daunting to have to go through individuals as stakeholders asking for permission or requesting documents through thousands of emails that take ages to get answered.

Time-consuming decision making - Lack of information at hand management can struggle to make quick approval decision making.

Struggle with Information/Data Sharing
- The hassle of information sharing especially when you are within a big enterprise can get exhausting. Emails get lost, ignored, etc.

Planning reports help you gain insight into the team's and project's momentum

Live data captured on planning gives details of team, projects, capacity, allocated hours, paid, unpaid, confirmed and captured and get easier when it even details this information on an individual. Helping you stay up to date with current working trends for better planning.

Get insights into the team’s health state/productivity progress

SenseFlow helps everyone see the insights of how their teams are doing. This transparency in teams and projects helps everyone collaborate together to create a healthier and more productive work environment.

Transparent financial insights let everyone know how well their team and project are performing

See at a project, team, and individual level how well a project is performing, the cost of resources, and how much you can expect to bill for them with live financial reports. Cutting out the “middle man” allows for project transparency, helping project owners and members collaborate and plan.

Export and share team and project reports

Share and extract accurate reports in real-time to help you act and plan efficiently. SenseFlow organizes data for you, this makes it simpler and faster for exporting detailed reports anytime and anywhere.

Knowing your projects and teams lies at the core of SenseFlow, as project metrics and data insights are available throughout the entire platform. Project owners can create versatile projects, assign relevant team members and measure project and member performance throughout the project's phases.