Plan and conquer for audacious goals

It’s all about the next. 

The next step, the next achievement, the next goal. We’ve all set a goal at least once in our lives, and without dreams, we start questioning our direction. It becomes that much harder to establish a defined endpoint. 

Preparing for the future allows you as a business leader to consider the impact you would like your company to have and find a way to get through challenging seasons. When a team works together to set goals, it allows everyone to be on the same page, working toward a common, shared purpose. Your employees can better recognize ways to work to achieve goals and behaviours to avoid that could prevent the company from reaching its objectives.

Proper planning allows management to expand the business. When a plan is in place, management can quickly review the strengths and weaknesses of the company. SenseFlow will enable leaders to map out areas into which the business could successfully expand. Having a strategic plan makes it easier to identify opportunities for new business.

By revisiting these goals or revising your planning sessions, you can quickly tell how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved. A variety of factors can affect what you originally planned. Still, with planning and set goals around your teams, or projects, you’re able to prepare accordingly and overcome any challenge your team might face. The importance of planning can not be understated, regardless of your goals.

With tools like financial and productivity reports, SenseFlow can help you plan and prepare for realistic and audacious goals. 

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

How does SenseFlow help you to plan

Planning set satisfaction and performances

SenseFlow involves getting a better understanding through showing your team satisfaction and performance score allocation within the project. You can easily view all employees allocated projects.

It allows you to understand your employees what tasks they are satisfied with it or not. This can help you see trends of satisfaction and solve problems before they arise.

Analyze an individual user behaviour

View real-time captures hours metrics across individuals and teams throughout the selected period. This makes it effortless to gain insight into the team and members confirmed and captured hours. 

SenseFlow analyzes individual user behaviour to help you understand how work gets done to find ways to optimize efficiency through improvements in time management, skill/project selection, and focus.

Easier planning sets financial health

Solid financial principles ensure that your projects get on track and stay on track. SenseFlow integrates with your financial system to ensure a closed-loop between billing and accounts. It gives you an overview and insights into a normalized cost system also allows you to have gross margin estimates in the system so everyone can see if their project is financially healthy.

Plan and view your teams' high-level metrics

SenseFlow helps you and your team lead to assign or allocate projects to an individual based on their respective designations, on a company level. Therefore it simply helps you and anyone to view and access their high-level metrics to visualize the capacity, captured hours, and productivity. SenseFlow can identify these metrics by using different colours to compare the various graphs displayed in each section.