See the real story by correlating multiple sense signals

Transparency at work, in your business, means cultivating a culture where open and honest communication flows freely between individuals and teams. It’s creating safe spaces where your employees can track the tasks and skills they’ve obtained, but at their level of satisfaction. Open communication creates trust, pushes innovation, and cultivates a healthy work environment amongst peers.

A great way to build and create transparency within your workspace is by sharing your experiences when it comes to working in a certain project or team. Sharing the skills you’ve obtained, and your level of satisfaction while completing that skill. By seeing the real story, we build trust by giving our peers the platform, to be honest, and open. By acknowledging individuals, you can facilitate growth and increase trust and unity amongst teams.

There’s no set program for transparency. By cultivating a culture that focuses on the health of transparency, you allow every individual at your company to feel like they’re a part of something bigger.

Choose SenseFlow as the tool that supports transparency within your workspace

SenseFlow offers you tools that support and organize the flow of information and breaks the communication barrier between levels or roles. The data evaluated helps management to determine who is suitable for which project and where to place individuals to which they can all bring something different or something to which will get a team to work well together. And also Determine if their level of achievement is having a major effect on the overall productivity and success of the team. If they bring the team down, determine if their detractions can be reversed.

SenseFlow tools that supports transparency

Planning Analysis

A new planning and tracking tool that seeks to enhance your work and productivity to lead to a more rewarding work-life. We make it easier for you to capture time, assign teams and measure data usage. It communicates the productivity of an individual as well as your team’s. Creating and managing teams on SenseFlow is a quick and flexible process. It gives you the power to decide your team’s needs, objectives, and composition.

Productivity Analysis

We need to ask how teams are doing. SenseFlow shows you very simply who is being productive and who is not. Whilst productivity is important, we also show member satisfaction. Satisfaction and productivity combine to give you a sense of your team’s general wellbeing, and engagement. Managing these levels of productivity ensures a sustainable team.

Financial Analysis

Solid financial principles ensure that your projects get on track and stay on track. SenseFlow integrates with your financial system to ensure a closed-loop between billing and accounts. A normalised cost system also allows you to have gross margin estimates in the system so everyone can see if their project is financially healthy. See at a project, team, and individual level how much resources cost and how much we expect to bill for them.

Project Allocation

Team owners are responsible for creating teams and allocating each individual or member to a team. An individual will be able to capture tasks completed to their specific assigned team and hours. The project allocation makes it more visible to each individual within the allocated time and projects. Also, the roles each member has towards a project.