Teams that Matter

SenseFlow helps protect the meaning of ‘teams’

One person cannot do everything perfectly. In teams, individuals are able to share their strengths in supporting roles to produce meaningful results. With the interpersonal dynamics team working creates, collaboration offers more opportunities. A platform where they can further develop their skills and experience. Teams help to reflect their purpose and goals as a unit. Working in teams exposes your team members to different approaches, experiences, perspectives, and skills.

Why do teams matter?

As we know teams are important to a workplace in order to get the work done, therefore, teams should matter to an organisation as it important for individuals to part take in bringing up a certain goal. Healthy team know when to ask and help one another to get the job done.

Organizational values

Organizational values set the tone and feel of how we interact, work with each other to achieve common goals. It is the key essence to every company, in simple terms it is “the way we do things around here”. These are the driver of our behaviour based on our beliefs that ignites decision-making. This is a culture set by the collective behaviours of all employees within an organisation fulfilling the organisation’s promise to stakeholders.

Those employees who actively fulfil that brand promise by embracing and living out the organisational values are the true brand ambassadors. This promise lies at the core of the organisation’s brand, the essence of its identity, and must be fulfilled by employees.

Many organisations today focus on technical competencies when hiring people, overlooking the importance of cultural fit and the underlying behavioural competencies. Now, more than ever, your competitive advantage starts with an aligned culture driving the organisation’s purpose through a shared vision. Team members will only bring their hands, minds and hearts if they feel connected to the organisation’s culture.

Diversity goals

Diversity is the practice of including people of different backgrounds, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. There is fairness and representation of equality within the working space. It is said that different minds can build something beautifully creative because being from different backgrounds bring different aspects of life to problem-solving as there will be a different perspective of opinions. That’s good progress to the productivity and a highly powerful team to invest in.

Why does support to your teams important?

- Healthy working environment
-Knowladge Sharing
- Company Culture
- Balance
- Accountability
- Unselfishness
- Respect

How SenseFlow’s features can help your teams that matter

Knowing the right employee to place on the right project

When you know your team, and have been supporting them, seeing their weakness and progress, it is your engagement to these individuals that will help you determine who's right for what project.

Being a team player everyone is held accountable for a task to do— SenseFlow enhances that aspect

Everyone has a role to do and everyone has strengths in something therefore senseFlow dwells on that to help individuals believe in themselves to capture and share their satisfaction about a task they took.

Health is wealth, it is important for a team or workplace to be a healthy environment.

Checking up on your team and everyone still following organizational values, respecting each other and duties is crucial, therefore, projects can run smoothly even when at home still carrying the culture behind their back - SenseFlow endures and gives an aspect of that if it is still happening or not.

Let you know the team’s financial report, which states the balance of a project

Getting insights of what was invested in a project and what you made it is also important, you knowing your financial losses & achievement from an overview is brought to you by SenseFlow.