Transparency is Crucial

Involving your team in decision making

Research shows that involving people with different disciplinary and cultural backgrounds leads to better decision-making. SenseFlow will enhance creativity and fresh perspectives on the task and problems at hand.

You Increase Employee Engagement and Happiness

By involving others in the decision-making process, you create an opportunity for colleagues to share ideas, learn from each other, and work toward a common goal. You might even surface overlapping initiatives within the company, which could save the organisation's resources and employees from duplicating work.

You Enable Collaboration and Communication

A transparent workplace recognises its people's hard work and successes and builds trust among management and employees, which in turn, leads to happier, more engaged workers.

More robust workplace culture and values

Projects can be completed cooperatively with an improved outcome due to a strong company culture.

Schedule fun team-building events to encourage an ongoing positive workplace atmosphere. Schedule the event out of the office and hire a team-building trainer to run the event.

Therefore with SenseFlow, individuals can make decisions to enhance their team performance by bringing up solutions if and when the team is not doing well because we prefer to do better. The whole purpose of SenseFlow is to bring everyone together, having had to work remotely and still get the feel of performing well, being productive, and enjoying work to empower our teams to get our company to success.

Who's doing what?

Planning gives an overview of the projects individuals are on and what time is captured according to the hours allocated. As individuals, we work together for the same goal. It is crucial to know where and what your colleagues are working on. Knowing what they are doing, How they are improving themselves within the project they are assigned.

Management would also like to glance at individuals' performance and productivity also a team as a whole; this gives significant insights into which tasks are captured and how the team feels through the whole project. We provide a detailed overview of the distribution of people's work characteristics and motivations engaged in projects.

Share insight about projects

When a team has captured their time and tasks, SenseFlow allows you to gain insight into the team's overall satisfaction. Sharing experiences and new findings to motivate the team and others also let managers and project owners know if people are coping or not, being able to help them through the whole project. And all of this will come from the responsibility of an individual within a team on a project.