Activity Journal

Going beyond capturing time, the activity journal allows any team member within your company to self-report what they have been doing, when they did it, what skills they obtained while doing so and whether or not they were satisfied completely that task.

The Activity Journal is SenseFlow’s primary “sense”.

We believe in real-time self-reporting. Sometimes the easiest way to know how your team is feeling, is to simply ask them! SenseFlow makes it easy for you to accomplish that.

1. Project Allocated

Select the project you are working on from the list of projects you are allocated to.

Projects are allocated by management, and once management has allocated the necessary team members to that project, they will automatically have access to capture time based on that specific project.

2. Date

Based on the day you're capturing your task on, the date will automatically fill.

Should you want to log a task on a different day, you can manually do so by selecting the date range and tapping on the date.

3. Duration

Enter the start and end time of the task you've completed

NOTE: Task cannot be longer than four hours. Should a task be longer than 4 hours, you can simply break the hours into 2 separate entries

4. Task

Enter what task you have completed so your colleagues and management can see what task you were allocated to based on that project.

This task will be discussed amongst your teammates, and allocated accordingly. One team member can be allocated to one task

E.g Task - Research competitive analysis

5. Satisfaction Score

Indicate your level of satisfaction for the task you have accomplished by selecting one of the three emoji's provided

This also lets the relevant people know how satisfied you were completing a given task. This builds trust and transparency within a company, and helps to allocate tasks accordingly, whilst keeping your team healthy

6. Skill Type

Select or enter the type of skill you used while completing your task.

Based on whether or not you or one of your other team members have entered the skill before, a few options will drop down for easy selection. If the skill is a new entry, type the full skill obtained, and press enter. Logging this task for any future entries. Making it simple to capture your time and skills

7. Description Box

Enter the a descriptive passage on what you did to achieve this task.

This is a little description of what the task is about, a basic insights about your allocated task.

8. Captured Task and Hours

Capture tasks any time of the day.
Once you have successful captured your task for the day, your captured hours will be shown in the daily summary on the left highlighted as blue, as completed or logged