Project Member Summary

SenseFlow equips you with the right tools to keep members visible and supported.

Member Summary allows you to have an overview of the team members allocated to this project. Each team member is represented by a member card, including a profile photo (optional), essential information, and the badges they have earned.

The team overview of members helps project owners and team leads assign or allocate projects to individuals based on their respective designations. Anyone can create or join projects; however, a project owner will need to approve the individual or new project before they are added, or the new project becomes active.

1. Member cards

Each member of the project is displayed on member cards.

Member cards help you get a quick overview of the member information such as the member’s role, level, email address, badges earned, employment period, and time allocated.

2. Your projects

You can view projects you are assigned to on the left bar.
Your project cards allow you to switch between projects and view their specific information.
Project cards show you the number of members allocated / on the project.
The allocation bar shows the number of hours allocated to the project members.
The captured bar shows the hours members captured on their journal entries.
The productive bar shows the number of hours out of the captured hours the members were busy on productive tools.

Where to find project member summary

Click on the 'Projects' on the top navigation bar

Select the project you want to view

Click on the "Summary" option to view members of the project

How the filter option works

You can click on the drop-down menu to view your filter categories or start typing in the search bar.

Filter specific individuals by typing in their names or select them from the dropdown list to view them.

Filter members by specific skills by selecting the tag from the dropdown list. You can also search for specific skills by typing in the skill in the search bar.

Filter members by badges earn by selecting them from the dropdown or typing in the badge name.

Filter specific roles by typing in the role in the search bar or selecting the role from the dropdown.

You can type in any key filter options to view the different filter options. You can type in "role" to view all roles. Keywords are role, level, badge, name, tag.

You can add multiple filter options by selecting them from the dropdown list. Selected options will appear in the search bar. You can remove a tag by clicking on the "X" in the tag.