Projects Member Details

SenseFlow's rich member insights keep the employee experience in focus

Helping you keep track of work hours, overtime, capacity, and performance in real-time.  Member insights allow you to view each individual's captured time, projects they’ve worked on, productivity, and satisfaction.

This provides project owners and team members the information needed to know their teams better. Having a sense of members' work behaviour helps project owners and leads optimize resources within projects while ensuring employee well-being.

1. Member detail

Within SenseFlow you, the project owners and team members be able to find and view the project member details within the projects section. It gives you the chance to see your team's members details.

You will be able to keep track of each team member’s work hours, overtime, capacity, and performance in real-time.

2. Data range selector

With the date range selector, you are able to get to filter through the time period that gives you the chance to view team members under the project details.

The section is highlighted will show the given information that’s being displayed within the specific time frame on the screen.

3. Team summary and member view

The team summary will provide you with a view of the needed information of the entire team allocated on the selected project. It indicates a small but needed summary of the total members, hours spent, and data used within the project.

Within the team summary, it will also provide you with the information of an individual within the project. By clicking on the dropdown arrow, it will expand the member view information where you will be able to see their specific information.

4. Members hours graph

Within the expanded team member information within the project, it will show you the members’ allocated, productive and unproductive hours.

It will be displayed within a graph where you be able to view the team member hours that’s been allocated to them, depending on the specific time frame. Within the allocated hours it will be viewed if they have been productive or not.

5. Team member’s information

Within SenseFlow not only will be able to view the team member’s productivity, but also viewing their latest skills and software.

These cards indicate the top most used skills and software. You can get an overview of avg. hours the member is productive and satisfied, days and hours most focused.

How to find project member summary

Click on "projects in the top navigation bar.

Select the project you want to view.

Click on "details" under members.

How to filter members

Select filter tags from the dropdown.

How to select date range

Drag the date range bar to view member detail information for a selected period.

How to view a member's details

Click the dropdown arrow to view the information of the specific individual.