What are permissions in SenseFlow?

Permissions refer to the boundaries that are set for what users can see and not. Permissions can be set for teams, projects and individuals.
You are able to add templates for each of these.

To find your permissions page, click on ‘Settings’ in the top navigation bar. Click on the ‘Permission Template’ button on the side. Here you will then see all the permission templates set thus far.

To see more information about the permissions set for an individual, project or team, click on the chevron as in the image on the left.

How to create a permissions template

Click on the 'Create Template' button.

Here you will fill the form with the template name and the reference type.
You can select project, person or team for the reference type.

After the project has been selected, you can select the permissions you want to set for the type and click 'Create Template' when done.

How to edit a template and permissions

Click on the 'Edit Template' button.

Here you can edit the template as you like, and when you are done making your changes you can click on the 'Edit Template' button.

How to delete a template and permissions

You can also delete the template by clicking on the trash button and then clicking 'Delete Permissions' when you are sure that you want to delete the template.

Another way to delete a template is to click on the trash button under the more information section.