What are applications in SenseFlow?

Applications refer to the programs used and websites accessed. These are monitored on the users' devices when using SenseFlow. Permissions can be set with the applications to manage who can see what. It should also be noted that applications should not be tracked after work hours as that would be an invasion of privacy.

For more information on how the tracking is done and the privacy concerns surrounding that, visit our Privacy Policy page.

To find your applications page, click on ‘Settings’ in the top navigation bar. Click on the ‘Applications’ button on the side. Here you will then see all the applications currently being tracked and monitored by SenseFlow.

To see more information about the application, click on the chevron linked to the application, as shown in the image on the left.

Expressions and naming

Before jumping into the creation and management of applications, the basic terms should first be explained and understood.

A process is defined as a program in execution
A process name is therefore the program’s name/identification

Here are a couple examples of process name expressions:

Note: you can have more than one process name assigned to a particular application.

A process resource is defined as a program’s source
This is the URL where the program can be found and tracked. So when that URL is used/opened, then the system knows that that application is being used and tracks its usage on your device.

Here are a couple examples of process resource expressions:

The application expression is the text (the process resource or name) of the application that you fill in when creating a new expression
Therefore the application expression is dependant on the type of expression.

As taken from above, these are seen as the application expressions:

If you require more information, click on the links below.

How to create expressions

To add a new expression for the application, click on the ‘Add expression’ button.

Add your application expression according to the expression type. When you are satisfied with your expression then you can click on the ‘Create Expression’ button.

How to edit expressions

To edit the expression, click the button circled in the image above.

Edit the expression as you want and when you are complete then you can click on the ‘Edit Expression’ button.

How to create applications

To create a new application, click on the ‘Create Application’ button.

Add an application name and the application type. The type refers to the productivity status of the application. Is the application seen as productive, neutral or unproductive? When done filling in all the relevant information, you can click on the ‘Create Application’ button.

How to edit applications

To edit your application, click on the ‘Edit application’ button.

Here you can edit your application name and type. When you are done you can click the ‘Edit Application’ button.