Frequently Asked Questions

The Service

How do I capture my tasks and find my teams?

Kindly navigate to the applications page to find tutorial videos on how to use all the SenseFlow features. SenseFlow is a powerful tool and many features are not fully understood or fully utilised. It is time for you to get a sense of what SenseFlow can do.

How do I cancel my account?

Firstly you need to have an acceptance letter from your employee that you may terminate your account. If this has not been accepted then you will not be able to terminate your account. If this has been received you can go to your profile settings and go to your account settings and click on ‘Close account’.

Will my boss be able to see what I am doing on my laptop 24/7?

SenseFlow is a tracking tool so your boss is able to see what you do on your company laptop/computer during work hours only. SenseFlow is meant to help your employers figure out if you are satisfied with the work you are doing and if you are being productive or not. It is not meant to be like someone watching over you, waiting for you to make a mistake and punish you. If you have any other questions regarding this then please visit our Privacy Policy page for more information.

Can I enter my tasks in my journal via my mobile phone?

As of yet, SenseFlow’s mobile application still has to be created. Watch the space though for any updates.

How do I add a new member to my company account?

Go to your account settings. There you will find all active employee accounts. There will be a button to add a new employee. You will add the new employee's email and an email will be sent to them. They will then follow a link and be prompted to create an account and join the company from there.

Finance and billing

Are there any discounts for larger companies?

If you have a larger company you can contact us via email to find out if we can give you a special discount.

I was charged incorrectly. How do I get my money back?

Send an email to, and we will gladly assist you. Just make sure that you have your proof of account as well as the incorrect amount that has been billed.

Why is my card not being accepted for payment?

Please check your account balances and if there are enough funds for us to process the payment. Please also check that all billing information is entered correctly. If the problem persists please contact us via